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Virtual and in-person services to support your recovery

Giving you the tools

Whether in-person or online, EW Sports Therapy will give you the tools to your own recovery. From sports massage to injury rehabilitation programmes, we combine a range of techniques to get you back on track, whatever your goal. 

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Sports massage

Online assessments

Rehab programmes

Postural analysis

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Dry needling

Strapping / taping

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Gait analysis


"As a member of the team GB age group triathlon team I require regular Sports Massage and I have been using Emma now for a couple of years and have found her to be the most informative Therapist I have used. Not only is she able to help remove aches and pains but also advises on how to stop them occurring in the first place with a great stretching/release programme."

Shane |  19.02.2018



"I found Emma to be highly competent and professional. After online consultation she gave me an easy to follow recovery plan. My injury shows real signs of improvement."


—  Esti Ehatamm

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