Virtual and in-person services to support your recovery

Giving you the tools

Whether in-person or online, EW Sports Therapy will give you the tools to your own recovery. From sports massage to injury rehabilitation programmes, we combine a range of techniques to get you back on track, whatever your goal. 

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Sports massage

Online assessments

Rehab programmes

Postural analysis

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Dry needling

Strapping / taping

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Gait analysis



The clinic is currently closed for face-to-face appointments in line with the latest government guidelines on COVID-19. We are still offering virtual appointments where we can assess your issue, provide guidance  and rehabilitation plans that can help manage your issue. 

We will open our doors as soon as we can but please take the time to familiarise yourself with our latest clinic information and guidelines. 

"As a member of the team GB age group triathlon team I require regular Sports Massage and I have been using Emma now for a couple of years and have found her to be the most informative Therapist I have used. Not only is she able to help remove aches and pains but also advises on how to stop them occurring in the first place with a great stretching/release programme."

Shane |  19.02.2018



"I found Emma to be highly competent and professional. After online consultation she gave me an easy to follow recovery plan. My injury shows real signs of improvement."


—  Esti Ehatamm