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The Sports Therapy Association is setting a new gold standard in professional representation for Sports Therapist’s, Sports Injury Therapists and Soft Tissue Therapists across the United Kingdom.

I first joined the STA in 2017 and as of March 2020 at the start of COVID I wanted to become more involved with creating local networks, link’s, and support for other Therapists. I took up a Regional Representative role for the South East of England. This has meant that I work closely with the STA and other regionals reps on how best we can help, support, and enhance our members along their journey as a Therapist.

We are committed to raising standards across our industry and progressing opportunities for members.


If you are a Therapist, why should you join the STA?

- To have a community of therapists to engage with, to learn from and that can help you grow as a Therapist

- Clear guidance to help keep you safe within your practise, to reduce any confusion and to help in guiding your professional career forward.

- To gain recognition which will boost your reputation as a Therapist and ensuring high standards.



If you are a client, what does it mean that your Therapist is part of the STA?

- That your Therapist has a community, has guidance, and has support from a wider network when needed.

- You know that they are committed to promoting excellence in Sports Therapy and have the opportunities available to them to further their skills

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