Clinic Information & Guidelines: COVID-19

Appointments will be a little different now to keep you safe. Please ensure you read the clinic guidelines and familiarise yourself with these so you know what to expect and so that appointments run as smoothly as possible.


No mobile appointments will be taking place. Clinic appointments ONLY.

Bank transfer payments ONLY please. If you absolutely can’t do this, cash is accepted but needs to be put in a sealed envelope.

30 minutes will be left between client appointments to allow for thorough cleaning and no cross over between clients.


Please do not arrive early for your appointment as you will need to wait in the car or outside until the clinic has been cleaned. Please call me on arrival and I will come and collect you.

Please try and attend your appointment alone. If you usually come as a couple or with a family member, they will also need to wait in the car. Unless needing a guardian

On arrival I will use a contactless thermometer to take your temperature before entering the clinic. Any clients with an elevated temperature will not be admitted into the treatment room and will be rebooked for another time. I will also take my temperature throughout the day.


All clients will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly in the cloakroom before entering the treatment room and again before leaving.

Please dispose of paper towels in the bin provided. Hand washing information will be provided in the clinic cloakroom.

We please ask clients to wear a mask to their appointment, you will be able to remove the mask when laying face down if comfortable. During the appointment I will wear PPE including gloves, type 2ll medical mask and a visor for head/neck/chest work.

Please avoid touching as much as possible in the clinic. I will open doors for you. 

If you can, bring your own water bottle with you to appointments but the clinic does now have a water dispenser with disposable cups. Please dispose of cups in the bin provided.

All patient information forms, dry needling forms and screening pre appointment (COVID-19 forms) will now be done online prior to appointments to avoid using any paper and pens in the clinic.

Anti-bacterial hand-gel will be provided in the clinic but feel free to bring your own. The clinic will also have hand gel information on display.

I will provide a secure airtight box to store your belongings in on arrival. This will be cleaned thoroughly between each patient. Items will need to remain in this box for the duration of the treatment including mobile phones. They can only be used in an emergency.

Please be as punctual as possible for your appointment so you do not lose valuable time. If you are late for your appointment, you will also need to leave on time to ensure enough time to clean thoroughly before the next client. Please let me know if you are going to be held up.


Please scan the QR code if possible, on arrival or on leaving the clinic. If we are contacted by track and trace, we are legally obliged to provide contact information. 

Any key and front-line workers please change your clothes and shower before attending your appointment.

Clients will be allowed to attend an appointment when 48 hours has elapsed since their vaccination and they are not suffering with prolonged symptoms.

If you have or have had ANY symptoms of Coronavirus or have been in contact in the last 2 weeks with anyone that has please do not book a face to face appointment. If you have a cold, flu or are generally feeling under the weather, please cancel your appointment and rebook. You will not be charged a cancellation fee for illness.


If after your appointment you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 at any time, please let us know and you will be informed of the same.


We are trying very hard to put in every safety precaution we can to minimize the risk and we very much looking forward to welcoming you all back!


If anyone is unsure about attending an appointment or would like to ask any further questions, then please get in touch. Online appointments are still being offered for those who many not feel comfortable yet or are at particularly high risk.


To ensure the clinic is as safe as possible, I have undertaken a number of World Health Organisation (WHO) courses, as part of their Health Emergencies Programme. The certificates, which can be viewed below, include: Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19); COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment (PPE); Standard Precautions - Hand Hygiene and Standard precautions: Environmental cleaning & disinfection.