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"After experiencing pain for 10 years, in and out of physiotherapy for 10 years. Emma has been a revelation by identifying hypermobility, adjusting my exercises and sports massages that do not irritate my nervous system. After seeing her for only 2 sessions my pain levels have dramatically reduced."

- Sarah Davey (Hypermobility & Fibromyalgia)

July 2022

"I can highly recommend Emma. She was very quick to diagnose my issue. Came up with a plan and helped me follow it all through. Although it’s a work in progress my injury is very much on the mend. She really knows her trade and is a very approachable and professional therapist."

- James Robinson (Achilles Tendinopathy)

July 2022

"Emma has been marvelous, devising a rehab program to help with my hip problem. She has set me a series of strengthening exercise plans & given great massages to release tightness & improve movement. She is so knowledgeable & understanding & I would definitely recommend paying her a visit."

- Alison Usher (Hip Impingement)

May 2022

"Went to Emma initially with knee problems, and she helped get me running again. Have since used her for any issues including back and neck and always come away feeling better. Professional advice, friendly attitude and great treatment room have made it a pleasant experience all around. Can thoroughly recommend to anyone needing treatment."

- Aaron Wheaton (Runner/Knee/ITB pain)

May 2022

"Amazing deep tissue sports massage, really helped loosen up my tight muscles and relieved alot of aches and pains. Already booked up again for next month. Emma provided a very professional, knowledgeable and friendly service.

- Matt Perks

April 2022

"Emma is friendly, professional, attentive and knowledgeable. She has treated me for various different ailments, always giving stretches and exercise for me to do at home too. Her newly fitted out clinic is great!"

- Samantha Janes (Knee pain)

March 2022

"I went to Emma with back and neck issues and from the first session she was very professional both in diagnosis and treatment. Emma is very knowledgeable about how the human body functions and highlighting the areas causing my issues. From hands on treatment to giving me rehab programmes to follow, Emma thoroughly explains everything so that I had an understanding of what I need to work on when at home. Emma also keeps in contact throughout my recovery to ask how I am feeling which adds a personal touch to an already brilliant service. Fully recommend her to anyone and can't thank her enough for everything she has done to put me on the road to recovery."

- Paul Clements (Chronic back & neck pain)

March 2022

"Emma has, on many occasions, helped me to stay mobile and pain free. Her advice and exercise plans are really helpful too. I really appreciate her professional yet personal approach."

- Sharon Taylor

Feb 2022

"I have had one session with Emma and all I can say is how phenomenal she is, I felt so relaxed around her, the environment was so clean and organised and the vibes made me feel at ease and she was extremely knowledgeable in what she does. She went through step by step what she was doing and gave me bits to take home as well. This is my first of many with Emma and give her the highest recommendation there is as 5 stars just aren’t enough! Thank you x

- Jaida Gibson

Feb 2022

"Emma has been amazing from day one. I explained my issues (pinched nerve sciatica) and straight away she got me in, worked on painful areas, explained everything so I understood and gave me the correct things to do at home. I've been twice to Emma and now I'm walking straight, I can drive again and able to do do the things I love. I can't wait to continue my journey with her on the road to full recovery. All I can say is thank you Emma!"

- Stephen Poore (Sciatica)

Feb 2022

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