Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process to regain full function following injury and involves restoring strength, flexibility, endurance and power. Rehabilitation is as important as treatment following an injury but unfortunately is often overlooked. The aim of a rehabilitation program is to regain pre-injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness. Injury rehabilitation contains a range of techniques such as mobilisations, exercises, stretches and functional coaching. Correct injury rehabilitation also ensures the risk of future re-injury is minimised by targeting key risk factors such as:


Muscle weakness

Muscular imbalance


Range of motion

Pain levels

Poor posture


Many of the rehab stretches and exercises do not use equipment and can be done as a Home Exercise Programme (HEP) and are tailored to fit around your lifestyle.

"Emma's knowledge of the human anatomy puts her in the top bracket of Sports Therapists. I have had a painful shoulder for many years and had put it down to wear and tear. Thanks to her experience and knowledge, Emma diagnosed that I was experiencing shoulder impingement, potentially from calcification deposits on one of the rotator cuff tendons.


After being referred to a surgeon, she was correct and following successful surgery I am now pain free and have full mobility in my shoulder. 

Peter Tubb |  28.02.2018


"I have been seeing Emma for a few years now and can honestly say she is the best! I have seen a few sports therapists over the years but I really feel Emma takes things to another level in terms of knowledge, skill and general support." 

- Kelly Mitchell

"I started seeing Emma for treatment during my pregnancy when my glutes locked up and I could barely walk! She fixed this issue in one session and it has never returned. I was so impressed that I went back after I had my baby to get treatment for diastasis recti and a whole host of other issues relating to muscle tension, migraine headache and lower back pain. With Emma’s help all of the issues are now managed and under control."

 - Jo Gregson

"Had a few niggles over the years and seen Emma to get them looked at. She's always able to work out what the problem is, no matter how unhelpful I’ve been! She's given me the right guidance to sort out the problems and come back stronger.  I would thoroughly recommend her."

- Nick Randell

"I had rehabilitation with Emma after an ACL reconstruction. I've attended over a dozen physiotherapists for one thing and another, over the years. Emma was always attentive, professional and focused. She is a great Sports Therapist, but also has a kind manner, relaxing you through the session. Thoroughly recommend her to anyone that needs treatment."

- Chris Derham

  "I am a keen recreational cyclist, taking part in events like the Haute Route. Emma's help has always been invaluable in equipping me for these events and has become a vital part of my preparation and recovery.  She has also treated more general back and neck issues for me to great effect - despite my complete refusal to do follow up exercises!"

- Rob

“I saw Emma several years ago for a calf muscle tear. I was so impressed with her knowledge, bedside manner, skills, professionalism. I now see her every month for a massage to help prevent any further injuries. I even look forward to my sessions! I would highly recommend Emma to anyone.”

- Jo Ranger