What is a Graduate

Sports Therapist?

What is a a Graduate Sports Therapist, what are we not and most importantly - how can we help you as clients?

Graduate Sports Therapists undergo an extensive 3 year bachelor of science degree course to be able to specialise in musculoskeletal conditions.

A sports therapist isn't a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor or sports massage therapist, but we do use a lot of the same treatment, rehabilitations and education. 

We don't just treat people who take part in sport and are athletes. We see clients of all ages, lifestyles and fitness levels. 

Sports massage is part of our skill set, but not our only skill. 

We can help you prevent your pain or injuries. 

We can evaluate and assess your pain or injury. 

We can help you manage, treat and refer as necessary through a personalised rehabilitation plan and specialists. 

We can help you rehabilitate. 

We can track your progress. 


Sports Therapists are highly educated in dealing with musculoskeletal disorders, treating pain and injury through hands-on treatment modalities, rehabilitation and patient education. 



"Emma is a brilliant sports therapist, she has treated me regularly for the last two years with lower back and shoulder problems, and has helped me get back to playing tennis and staying active."


—  Monica Sakellariou

Emma Wardle  Sports Therapy 

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