Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissues that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The application of sports massage can be used for:


 Pre event

Post event

Specific injury treatment

General maintenance

Sports massage can help enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury. It is an ideal treatment for anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain, not just a sports person. 

"As a member of the team GB age group triathlon team I require regular Sports Massage and I have been using Emma now for a couple of years and have found her to be the most informative Therapist I have used. Not only is she able to help remove aches and pains but also advises on how to stop them occurring in the first place with a great stretching/release programme."

Shane |  19.02.2018

Emma Wardle  Sports Therapy

EW Sports Therapy (2018)

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