Postural Correction

Our posture is how our body holds itself in standing, sitting and throughout movement. There are several postural defects that can cause pain, discomfort and increase the risk of developing further conditions and injuries, however posture can be corrected to reduce these through correct re-education of posture and movement.

Benefits of postural correction

A correct or more positively aligned posture can greatly reduce the risk of specific postural related injuries. Lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and neck problems are some of the most common.


Other benefits can be:


Improved athletic performance

Improved body shape

Greater functional ability

"I had been suffering with a bad back on and off for months, went to see Emma, had a massage and went through stretches etc. for aftercare. I haven't had any further problems since!”

Max Cole |  09.02.2018

Emma Wardle  Sports Therapy

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