Gait Analysis

Our Gait is the way we move and how different parts of our body interact with one another throughout the movement. Gait can be in reference to our walking or running style, and a normal Gait allows us to move freely and efficiently without pain or discomfort.


Benefits of Gait Analysis

Prevention of secondary compensation injuries

More effective running pattern

Increased athletic performance

Increased levels of independence

"As a 40 year old runner, I suffer from tightness in my back, hips and legs. A monthly session with Emma keeps the injuries at bay and improves my speed. Emma has been treating me for 2 years now and I’ve successfully completed 2 marathons in that time – injury free! In comparison to other physicians I have seen, Emma gives a full hour of treatment, and has a personable nature and a sense of humour!”

Simon Albert |  19.02.2018

Emma Wardle  Sports Therapy

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